Libya: missionary sisters safe and still working

Bengasi Cathedral - Wiki Images

Bengasi Cathedral - Wiki Images

A community of religious sisters working in Bengasi yesterday told the Missionary News Service that they are well and continuing their  medical work, although many people had been injured and hospitalised. Sister Elisabeth, a missionary of the Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, said she was not sure who was controlling the city. "The police and army have disappeared, everyone is thinking of their own safety, guarding their homes, businesses and neighbourhoods”.

“I am uncertain of the exact number of hospitalised or victims, but we know there are many”, said Sr Elizabeth,  who works in an obstetrics ward.  She said the demonstrations were completely unexpected.

“We could not have predicted what occurred and now the people are very weary. During the day stores remain open and there appear to be no problems finding provisions, but at night the streets empty and everyone remains closed in their homes”.

Source: MISNA

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