Ireland: increase in number of church marriages

ACCORD, the Irish Catholic marriage care service, has announced a six per cent increase in the number of couples booking their marriage preparation courses for the first six weeks in 2011.  In 2010 the online bookings figure was 1183 compared to 1255 for the same period in 2011.

Commenting on this increase, Ms Ruth Barror, National Director of ACCORD said: "It is encouraging that despite the economic doom and gloom couples are voting with their feet and taking the big step to cement their relationship by committing to marriage.  The reasons for getting married are timeless and remain unchanged: love, security, togetherness, family creation and mutual support."

Ms Barror continued "Couples getting married in the Catholic Church book their marriage preparation course, Church and priest. Especially since the beginning of 2011 ACCORD volunteers have wondered on the impact that recession, and related livelihood insecurities, might have on marriage rates.

"Having monitored the online trend during the first six weeks of 2011, ACCORD is happy to announce today an increase in the rate of marriage bookings."

Ms Barror continued: "This upward trend tells us that in 2011 commitment to marriage is more popular than ever. Couples - even in the face of these economic uncertainty times - continue to make this most important of life decisions.

"Couples have entered into marriage in the past during difficult times and ACCORD has been there to support them: whether in the early stages of planning or if they experience difficulty within their relationship. We will continue to offer couples support throughout their lives together."

For Saint Valentine's Day 2011 ACCORD has released audio reflections on love and marriage. These are available on   and at the following link for use by parishes.  

Stephen Cummins, Director of Marriage Education with ACCORD said:  "While ACCORD acknowledges the ongoing pressure on relationships caused by economic and financial insecurity, many families today are realising the strength and mutual support of the loving bond that is their marriage relationship.

ACCORD is also marking Saint Valentine's Day 2011 by launching a new Facebook page - ACCORD Catholic Marriage Care Service.

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