Robin Hood Tax vigils

Faith and community groups will be joining students and pensioners to take part in 'Robin Hood Tax' vigils in several towns around the country this Wednesday,

Groups of 'merry men and women' will be gathering outside some high street banks to draw attention to the fact that this month, some senior bankers will be taking home over £7bn in bonuses while we (including the people working in the high street bank branches) face the biggest decline in living standards since the 1920s.

"A Robin Hood Tax can only become a reality if we stand up and shout together. So, with the UK budget looming, we've decided to get out there and start billing the banks in cities across the UK," said a spokesperson.

Events will be taking place as follows – between 12 noon and 1pm on Wednesday 16 February:

*         Cabot Circus, BRISTOL
*         Barclays on St Mary’s Street, CARDIFF
*         St Enochs Square, GLASGOW
*         HSBC, High Street, HEREFORD
*         HSBC at 68 Victoria Street, LONDON
*         Bank Square, Wilmslow, MANCHESTER

For more information, and to see a short film about the Robin Hood Tax visit:

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