On-line resources for Poverty & Homelessness Action Week

Church Action on Poverty has issued a special on-line prayer calendar this year to help them take action against poverty and exclusion during Poverty & Homelessness Action Week, which begins tomorrow.

Each day, there is a short video which illustrates the reality of poverty, followed by prayers, reflections and suggestions for action. The calendar is also being linked to the web and social networks. Supporters can follow the calendar on email, Twitter or Facebook.

Liam Purcell from Church Action on Poverty commented: “New technologies give us an amazing opportunity to share stories, and allow people in churches to hear the voices of people who are normally ignored and forgotten. We hope the prayer calendar will allow whole new audiences to take part in Poverty & Homelessness Action Week.”

The calendar is available at: www.actionweek.org.uk, or by following @phactionweek on Twitter.

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