Voluntary Missionary Society seeks Regional Manager

 The VMM (England & Wales) is seeking a Regional Manager. Term of post: two year contract with opportunity to extend.

Salary: £ 25-34k Negotiable subject to candidate skills /experience. (VMM operates an employee personal pension scheme)

Hours: Part/full time (28 to 35 hours per week) Flexibility essential

Line Manager: CEO

Job Location: VMM Office,  Hope University, Liverpool

The main purpose of the post is to provide clear leadership and secure effective management of VMM England and Wales, and contribute to the strategic planning and management of the organisation as a whole.  As a senior manager, the holder of this post will have a major role to play in sustaining the values and ethos of VMM.  To that end a full appreciation of and commitment to the charity’s Mission Statement and Values is essential. VMM is committed to developing its services in line with its strategic plan and this requires robust policies and procedures for delivery of services. The holder of this post will have a key role to play in identifying opportunities for service developments and improvements whilst ensuring financial viability and sustainability in the way that services are designed and delivered. The post holder will make a significant contribution to the development of projects consistent with the vision of the charity.

The post holder will have a key role to play in obtaining from all appropriate sources such funds as necessary in order to deliver services, finance new projects and develop policies, procedures and resources to ensure constant fitness for purpose and future long term viability.  The post holder will generate and sustain the flow of volunteers, beneficiaries and supporters consistent with the vision of the charity.  Responsibility and oversight of all business support functions including charitable giving, ICT development, property and health & safety functions are also key elements of the post. As a charity VMM relies significantly on fundraising.  

The VMM (Volunteer Missionary Movement) is a Lay Christian development movement. Its central purpose is to enable and support skilled people though volunteering in the Church's mission of promoting justice through human and community development at home and abroad. The General Office is based in Dublin, with Regional Offices also in Liverpool, Glasgow and Dublin.  VMM recruits, trains and places lay people with professional, technical or pastoral skills to share their lives and skills in projects in developing countries. VMM also promotes greater awareness at home and a greater awareness within the Church of the role of lay people in its life and mission. VMM is open to all who share its ethos, values and vision of mission and development.

For further information please contact: vincent@vmminternational.org or visit: http://togethervmm.weebly.com/

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