Book: Why does Mary wear blue? and Other Questions

If you are present-hunting for children, Why does Mary wear blue? and Other Questions, published by CTS,  would be a very good choice. Written by  Pierpaolo Finaldi, with illustrations by  Ettore and Martia Finaldi and children of Year Five at Holy Cross School, Catford, it is a series of real answers to children's questions about Our Lady, such as: "Why do we pray to Mary?", "Why do we say so many 'Hail Mary's in the Rosary?" and "Why has Mary appeared to people like St Bernadette?"

These questions from schoolchildren are answered in a simple language,  infused with Catholic wisdom and tradition. Illustrated  with classic art and the children's own pictures, this book will bring understanding to children in the home and in primary school.

By the same author as Why Does the Pope Wear White?, also available from CTS.

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