Anniversary of Abortion Act: campaigners say: 'stop & think!'

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act.

And many Christians are calling on the nation to stop and think about the impact of a termination. Figures show that since the law changed in 1967, more than seven million babies have been terminated.

Pro-life groups and Christians of all denominations are holding a silent vigil outside the Houses of Parliament today to highlight this. The vigil has been organised by Christian Concern and the organisation believes that years on MPs and Lords, who voted in favour for the Act, probably never imagined the amount of babies who had been aborted since, or the reasons for a termination would have been so relaxed.

Christians are being encouraged to pray on this anniversary. The non-denominational group Image hold a National Day of Prayer on this date every year. The evangelical organisation gives advice to women who have had a termination.

David Coleman from the group told Premier Radio all Christians should get involved. He said:  "I believe God answers pray, I believe it's good that we pray. I would just ask Christians to come together to pray about this issue. I think it is one that Christians have neglected quite a lot over the years and I think it's time that we woke up and started praying and started seeing things done."

Source: Premier Radio/CC

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