West Country parishioners fund ethical stem cell research

Professor Neil Scolding

Professor Neil Scolding

A professor at the University of Bristol has received a grant of £25,000 from Catholic parishioners to help his work into 'ethical stem cell research'.  Professor Neil Scolding from the University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences is  conducting a study into the use of adult stem cells in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Professor Scolding told the BBC: "We are absolutely delighted with this splendid contribution to our bone marrow stem cell research programme relating to MS.

"Not only is it an extremely substantial help in funding our work, but an inspiring expression of confidence and optimism in what we are doing. We firmly believe that bone marrow cells could have a valuable therapeutic impact on MS.

"Both our clinical trial work and our laboratory research are geared towards exploring, developing and maximising this effect - which we hope in the future will also apply to other neurodegenerative diseases. Our immediate aims are to plan and carry out a further larger clinical trial in MS, again using patients' own bone marrow cells."

To hear an interview with Professor Scolding on the Clifton Diocese website see:

Source: Clifton Diocese

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