Sri Lanka: Church centre uses Buddhist teaching help street kids

 Venerable Samana Thero meets children

Venerable Samana Thero meets children

A Church centre organized an outreach program based on Buddhist values for Colombo homeless children to mark last week’s Vesak feast of the Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment.

“Do not take life, do not take what is not given, do not distort facts, refrain from misuse of the senses, refrain from self-intoxication through alcohol or drugs are the basis of Buddhist morality,” Buddhist monk Venerable Samana Thero told 20 underprivileged boys and girls of different faiths at the June 1 event near Colombo’s city center.

The Centre for Society and Religion (CSR) launched the event for “homeless children living on the streets” who are often treated like “non citizens,” according to local observers.

“It will be helpful to children (of different faiths) to learn about Buddhist values,” said Aravinda Silva, 24, coordinator at the CSR Children Center.

Resmand Muflin, 11, a Muslim boy, said, “It is a new experience for me.” He added, “It was the first time I have listened to a monk’s speech on Buddhism. I felt that there are some mutual teaching on moral values between Buddhism and Islam such as love, peace and respect for life.”

According to local sources, there are more than 15,000 street children and 60,000 children who do not go to school in Sri Lanka.

Source: UCAN News

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