Unheard women of the Bible

Abby Guinness

Abby Guinness

There's a chance to see talented performer Abby Guinness, as she gives voice to  the charming and alarmingly frank unheard women in the Bible in her brilliant new show: Words of the Wives,  at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Sandowne Park, Esher,  this Friday at 12.30.

The largest-ever international exhibition is running from now until Friday, 14 May. The show  hosts hundreds of exhibitors, an extensive range of books;  music and resources to buy; the latest multimedia equipment and expert advice; more than 100 seminars and workshops, as well as the best in Christian theatre and music.

Today and Friday, there will be performances by Noel Tredinnick of the All Souls Orchestra; Saltmine Theatre Company;  and the London Gospel Choir.

For more information and a full programme see: www.creonline.co.uk

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