New hymn for Pope Benedict XVI

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected in 2005, two journalists (Joanna Bogle and Fiorella Nash) felt it was wrong that there was no special hymn that could be sung.

"The Wiseman hymn:  'Full in the panting heart of Rome' is stirring stuff in its way", said Joanna, "but we wanted something that spoke about the Pope as Peter's successor, as guardian of the truths of the Faith, something that would really lift our hearts."

So Joanna and Fiorella set about producing an updated version, using the first line of the original hymn only (Full in the panting heart of Rome) - and taking up the theme of Catholics in Rome and worldwide praying for the Pope.  Catholic musician Jeremy de Satgé then produced a new tune for the new hymn.

Since 2005, the hymn has been sung annually at Holy Ghost Catholic Church Balham, South London, where Jeremy is Director of Music, on the closest Sunday to 29 June, the Feast of St Peter and St  Paul.

With the forthcoming Papal Visit to the UK and all the current controversies,the authors say  it seems more appropriate than ever that we pray earnestly for the Holy Father - and what better way to pray than by singing!  They have  slightly revised the words and are making it available free of charge for anyone wishing to perform it.  They also hope the hymn might be especially sung before, during and after the Papal Visit this autumn.

"It's easy to sing, and ideal for parishes, youth groups, large or small gatherings, or schools" said Jeremy.

Full details,  including downloadable melody and harmony copies, may be found at,  Visitors to the site may also listen to the tune in mp3 format.


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