CAFOD election questions

As the UK election campaign heats up - CAFOD has drawn up a list of subjects for voters to consider, and questions to ask candidates, covering issues of climate change, social justice and overseas aid.

• Do you agree that the next UK government needs to support work towards a fair and legally binding global climate deal as a top priority? If so, what action would you take to press for this if elected?

• How would you and your party support the target of the rich countries achieving carbon emissions cuts of more than 40 per cent on 1990 levels, by the year 2020? Would you support a strengthening of the UK Climate Change Act?

• What influence would you and your party use in the EU to ensure other rich countries in Europe commit to at least 40 per cent cuts too?

• How would you and your party ensure that the UK and other rich countries help poor countries to adapt to and cope with climate change? Would you agree to a level of $195 billion per year by 2020 which is additional to existing overseas aid budgets?

• The UK’s main political parties all agree that the UK should honour its commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on aid. How would you and your party guarantee this is never reneged on and when would you turn this pledge into law?
Making business work for the poor

• Companies can have a huge impact on human rights or the environment but often they can simply opt out of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. What actions would your party take to ensure that all UK-based companies behave responsibly in the developing world?

• How will you make sure that the Bribery Bill is enforced and UK companies do not contribute to corruption overseas?

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