Premier Christian radio launches iPhone 'prayer beads'

Premier Christian media today announced the launch of a digital set of 'Prayer Beads' in time  for Easter.  The wooden beads can be individually rotated or moved around the string.

While the Prayer Beads App  will in the iTunes Apps store for Easter, the evangelising Christian company say they have commissioned the digital prayer tool "with a future customer in mind".

Marketing Director, Richard Smart said: "Pope Benedict XVI is visiting the UK later in the year. He has been encouraging young Catholics to use social media to share the message of Christ.  We want to support that.  In a way, you could say that we made this App for The Pope."
The beads don't have a cross on them - just the name 'Premier'. The press release said the application has been designed for "Christians and Catholics".  Hedging their bets, they point out that it is also "great for anyone wanting a way to relax" .

"A key element to the App is the meditation feature. The soundtrack is designed to be soothing and unobtrusive, helping the user switch off from everyday noise to focus on relaxing meditation or prayer."

Click on: for more information or to download.

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