Election briefing on peace and security issues

The Network of Christian Peace Organisations, of which Pax Christi is one of 25 members, has produced a briefing for Christians to use in preparation for the forthcoming General Election. It covers four areas: The Middle East, the Arms Trade, Nuclear Proliferation and Military Spending. Each section offers a short background followed by questions for candidates. The Briefing encourages members of Church communities to organise ecumenical meetings with prospective candidates.

The supporting organisations say: "We could put our faith in our country’s military and economic power, and take the resources we need to preserve our affluent lifestyle at the expense of the poor. Or, consistent with our Christian belief that all people are our neighbours made in the image of God, cast our vote on the basis that real security comes from justice and sharing resources. This would mean cuts in military spending and the pursuit of an ethical foreign policy designed to increase support for sustainable development to poorer countries, through our aid programme, and investments in cooperation to solve the problems of climate change and the need to  secure renewable energy sources. At home, it would encourage the nation to embrace a simpler way of life, reducing its carbon footprint and protecting the natural environment for the benefit of future generations throughout the world."

The full briefing and other materials can be found here: paxchristi.org.uk/SecurityDisarmament.HTML

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