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CTS has brought out a range of new publications and DVDs in time for Lent. They include a new leaflet on Cardinal Newman, the the Anglicanorum Coetibus, a DVD on Pius XII and the Holocaust and a short biography of St Robert Bellarmine.

The rise of secularism and the new atheists has led to many difficult questions being regularly posed about religion in general and the Catholic Faith in particular.   A  new booklet: Apologia Catholic answers to today's questions,  by Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent, offers some thoughtful and positive responses to questions about the existence of God, about science and faith, the Bible, the Church and the Sacraments and morality, setting out a reasoned defence of the truths of Faith that leads us all to greater happiness.  Illustrated in colour.  £2.95. To buy click on: www.cts-online.org.uk/acatalog/Latest_Products.html#aEV5

Lent - Easter Awaits Us - Returning to the way of God, is drawn from Pope Benedict's homilies and addresses.  Since our happiness in this life depends largely on our being able to love others - as Christ reveals to us every Easter - then Lent is a precious time for Christians to draw close to the truth and meaning of their lives.  This booklet offers  the Holy Father's  liberating insights into fasting, prayer, suffering, love, peace, sacrifice, hope and above all the Resurrection and the life of the Holy Spirit; - a valuable companion from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost Sunday. www.cts-online.org.uk/acatalog/info_D719.html

Via Crucis with Pope Benedict XVI.  Each year Pope Benedict leads the Stations of the Cross around the Colosseum in Rome using new meditations by Church leaders from across the world. Last year these were by the  Indian Archbishop Thomas  Menamparampil  and provide a beautiful reminder of the universality of Christ's suffering and its meaning for every human
being. Available from: www.cts-online.org.uk/acatalog/info_D726.html

To read about all the latest DVDs and publications, visit: www.cts-online.org.uk/

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