Appeal for prayers for Cause of Archbishop Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero

Archbishop Oscar Romero

The Catholic Church has urged Salvadorans to pray for the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Archbishop José Luis Escobar Alas of San Salvador, told a press conference: "If someone is canonized, it is because God wills it."

Referring to the process of beatification underway at the Vatican, he said: " the Cause is very far along," but no one knows "how long it will take still". 

Archbishop Romero was assassinated on 24 March, 1980 while celebrating Mass in the Church of Divine Providence. "We would have liked,  that on a day like this we would be able to give everyone the good news that Archbishop Romero was declared Blessed, but we still have no communication," said the Archbishop, recalling that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero.
He urged the faithful, "who pray to God through the intercession of Archbishop Romero," to pray for evidence of obtained graces, or favours, or even miracles. He also encouraged private devotion: "There can be no public worship for a person whose cause is still being studied in the Vatican, but there can be private devotion and it would be good that this continues to increase," he added.

Archbishop Escobar Alas said he believes the process of canonization should be carried out in a "serene" manner, without any "manifestation of social and political aspects."

The Truth Commission, which investigated crimes committed during the civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992), said in a report published in March 1993 that the murder of Archbishop Romero was ordered by Roberto D'Aubuisson, founder of the extreme right wing Republican Nationalist Alliance.

Archbishop Romero, in whose honour a day of youth organized by the local Church will be held this year, denounced from the pulpit the injustices committed against the people and the murders perpetrated by "death squads" in the years preceding the conflict. The Bishops' Conference of El Salvador, who held their Ordinary Assembly last week, has called for this year to be a year of reflection, devotion, and peaceful coexistence, especially among young people.

Many parishes in the capital are organizing daily prayers in memory of Archbishop Romero, leading up to a special Mass in front of the Cathedral on 20  March.

Source: Fides

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