Christmas in Gaza

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Mickae children

Mickae children

For one Christian family in Gaza, this Christmas will be full of sad memories. Around this time last year, their house was destroyed in the bombing and they lost friends, family and their livelihoods.

“Last year passed over us like a ghost of death. But at the same time we were celebrating the birth of  Jesus Christ. They were very  tough times filled with fear,  terror, killing and destruction” said Hanna Mickae, a father of four, from the southern Gaza City neighborhood of Tal el-Hawa.

Hanna's wife Diana said that when the bombing began there was no electricity. “Our light at that time was Jesus. My children were crying instead of laughing. We experienced hunger and poverty like Christ did. We prayed so much that our lives would be spared and all I could think of  is staying alive me and my family.”
In the first days of the war Diana sang a Christmas song, “Glory to God in  the highest and peace on earth”, and then they would repeat it over and over again. 
This year their home is decorated and the family will celebrate Christmas with lights,  happiness and joy but Hanna, fears that something like this will happen again. “I do not think we could cope with another attack  like that. I am happy to see my children  now laughing and celebrating Christmas  but I can never forget those days.”
Hanna hopes he and his family can go and visit Bethlehem for Christmas where he believes the true peace was born but he is not too hopeful. Gazans who want to leave to go to the West Bank must obtain permission from the Israeli government, something that is very difficult and almost impossible to obtain.
Source: Caritas Jerusalem

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