New books by British Jesuits

Time to Change by Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ. Publ: Darton Longman  and Todd; ISBN: 13: 978-0-232-52782-7, £8.95
Not That Man! by Nicholas King SJ. Publ: Kevin Mayhew;   ISBN: 9781848671751, £15.99
The Psalms by Nicholas King SJ. Publ: Kevin Mayhew;  ISBN: 9781848672246 £13.99
Netting Fishes by John Twist SJ. Publ: RP Books; ISBN: 9780854397570.  £8.95 [Available from Stonyhurst College: 01254 826345] 

Netting Fishes is a collection of sermons delivered by Fr John Twist SJ, the Chaplain  of Stonyhurst College. This book is intended for anyone who is curious about their Christian faith and wants to delve a little deeper. Drawn from a range of Sunday Masses (using all three years), plus a number of other feasts, each homily is a bite- sized piece of wisdom, relating a biblical passage to everyday life. 

Lord Alton, a Jesuit alumnus whose sons are at Stonyhurst said: “The best sermons  are those that build on the rabbinical teaching tradition – where the story is used to illustrate a deeper truth. Such sermons successfully engage the heart and the head, emotions as well as intellect. Not everyone has this gift but John Twist has it in great measure. As a school chaplain at Stonyhurst College, he is confronted on a daily basis by bright young minds, questioning minds. He knows that merely repeating doctrine or offering pious platitudes is not enough.”

For those who are given a book token as a Christmas present, it might be worth  hanging on to it till January, when Fr Michael Campbell-Johnston SJ’s latest book is  published by Darton Longman and Todd. Entitled Time to Change, it takes readers step-by-step through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola and offers an Ignatian retreat in everyday life. It is a practical book and assumes no previous knowledge of retreats or even church-going. It is particularly suitable for people who lead busy lives yet feel the need to step back and find time for God.

Kevin Mayhew has published an extensive collection of translations and  commentaries by the Oxford scripture scholar, Fr Nicholas King SJ, who has been translating books of the Bible prolifically over many years. The latest offerings include the Psalms, extracted from Fr King’s ongoing translation of the Bible, and Not that man! -  in which he looks at the character and philosophy of St Paul. 
The Psalms—originally a collection of songs for use in Temple worship–have  become the hymn book of the Christian Church. In this new translation with commentary, Fr King invites you to ‘step aboard and listen to the ancient voices that have been singing them for upwards of 3,000 years, and finding your own story and your own journey to God written in them. There are psalms for every mood.’
Not that man! covers controversial topics such as St Paul’s attitudes to women,  slavery and sex; it also asks ‘What changed Paul?’, ‘Did Paul think that Jesus was God?’, and many other questions. Key passages have been included to help readers go deeper into the mystery of this extraordinary character.

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