Pope Benedict prays for all persons affected by AIDS

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World AIDS Day is being marked around the world on 1 December. Addressing pilgrims in St Peter's Square before the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Benedict said: "My thought and my prayer go to all persons affected by this sickness, in particular children, to the poorest and to those who are rejected. The Church does not cease to combat AIDS, through her institutions and the personnel dedicated to it.

I exhort everyone to make their own, contribution with prayer and care, so that those who are affected by the HIV virus will feel the presence of the Lord who gives support and hope. Finally, I hope that, by multiplying and coordinating efforts, this sickness will be halted and,eradicated.”

Referring to the beginning of Advent and the new liturgical year, Pope Benedict said:  “The contemporary world needs above all hope: It is needed by developing peoples, but also by those economically developed. We increasingly see that we are in the same boat and that we must all be saved together. Above all, seeing so many false securities crumble, we realize that we need a trustworthy hope, and this is found only in Christ...Hence, we can affirm that Jesus Christ is not only for Christians, or believers, but for all men, because he, who is the centre of faith, is also the foundation of hope. He is the hope that every human being constantly needs.”

Source: VIS

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