Holy Land: Israel approves new building in West Bank, bombs Gaza



Israel has approved construction of 28 new public buildings in the occupied West Bank and carried out an air strike in the Gaza Strip.

The moves came two days after Tel Aviv’s decision to partially 'freeze' the construction of Israeli settlements and one day from a call on Palestinians and Arabs to resume negotiations with Israel.

The Israeli Defence Forces launched an air strike in Gaza  late Thursday, leaving one dead and four wounded, two of whom critically, targeting a group that they claimed was preparing to fire a rocket into Israel.

According to Palestinian sources, the new Israeli moves confirm doubts expressed yesterday by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in regard to Israel’s unilateral decision to suspend settlement activities for ten months in the West Bank, though with the exclusion of East Jerusalem (designated capital of a future Palestinian state).

“This is not a moratorium. Unfortunately, we hoped he would commit to a real settlement freeze so we can resume negotiations and he had a choice between settlements and peace and he chose settlements. Any Israeli offer that doesn't include Jerusalem will be rejected immediately”, said Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Source: Fides

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