Saintly podcast recorded in Gloucestershire


Father Richard Barton, a Catholic priest, who grew up in Nailsworth, presents the podcast on the life of the Blessed Dominic Barberi.A special podcast about the life of one of this country's most important religious figures has been recorded in several locations in Gloucestershire.

Recording took place at The George Inn in Frocester, the former Northfields House in Nailsworth, The Annunciation Church in Woodchester and St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Fairford.

Fr Richard Barton said: "The Nailsworth Valley was visited by several famous religious figures during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, men like George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, John Wesley the founder of Methodism and the Gloucester-born evangelist George Whitefield.

"Largely forgotten now is the work of another famous figure, this time an Italian priest, whose holiness was recognised by the Pope when he was given the title 'Blessed' in 1963.

"His work in Gloucestershire began with a meeting at a pub! Well that's where we began our recording! Not only was the welcome warm and the hospitality typical of the county - The Frocester George was the perfect starting point for our podcast which traces the life of Blessed Dominic Barberi in this area.

"The locations at which we recorded are fine examples of our rich Cotswold heritage. Woodchester Priory is an important landmark in the Stroud district and this podcast will explain how it all began and its close links with Woodchester Park Mansion. The old parish church at Fairford is world famous for its ancient stained glass; we visit another church just down the road, which, like its elder sister, is a jewel box of stained glass."

Fr Richard's podcast is part of a new series on the lives of local saints entitled 'Holy Footsteps'. 'Holy Footsteps' is part of the award-winning 'Let Us Pod' strand, produced by the Clifton Diocese. 'Let Us Pod' won the prestigious Jerusalem Award last year - beating several BBC programmes. 'Let Us Pod' is again on the shortlist for this year's Jerusalem Award which will be announced in London next month.

Holy Footsteps' will be available from ; the series begins later this year.

Blessed Dominic Barberi was an Italian priest known as 'The Apostle of England'. He came to England in 1842 aged 51 and became one of the key religious figures in Gloucestershire and throughout the country. He was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1963 giving him the title Blessed. During his visit to England in 1982 Pope John Paul said Blessed Dominic Barberi was, "One example of the countless other priests who continue to serve as models of holiness for the clergy of today."

Source: Clifton Diocese

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