Conference urges media to stand up for children

More than 600 Catholic media professionals pledged to make children's rights an ongoing priority, at the conclusion of the World Congress of SIGNIS (the World Catholic Association for Communication)
"Children are growing up in a digital world and we as Catholic media professionals have a special responsibility to ensure their rights are respected and their voices heard," said SIGNIS President Augustine Loorthusamy.

 From 17 to 21 October 2009, the Congress centred around the theme "Media for a Culture of Peace - Children's Rights, Tomorrow's Promise" featured the participation of 10 young video journalists from several Asian countries as well as a hundred children from three different schools in Chiang Mai. More than 200 handkerchiefs with handprints of children from all over the world and their message were also exhibited. The input of the children into the Congress was widely acclaimed by participants.

"We are the children of the world. Do you listen to our voices?" asked the children  at the Congress.

"The children and young people at this Congress have challenged us as SIGNIS to take seriously our role in the promotion of children's rights in the context of societies that are being transformed through the media," said SIGNIS Secretary General, Alvito de Souza. "SIGNIS too will have to adapt to remain relevant and effective in an ever changing digital landscape."

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