Brazil: Young priest killed by robbers

Fr Evaldo Martiol

Fr Evaldo Martiol

A 33-year-old priest, Fr Evaldo Martiol from the Diocese of Cacador was killed in Santa Caterina on the evening of September 26. According to a statement from the Brazilian Bishops' Conference (CNBB),  Fr Evaldo was shot four times walking to his car after leaving the chapel. He was planning to visit another priest.

His body was found five kilometres outside the urban area of Cacador. The next day, the police found the criminals, two young men of 21 and 15 years of age, uncle and nephew respectively, who still had the priest's car, cell phone, and documents. The two confessed to the crime and told police where the body of the priest was to be found.

Fr Evaldo, originally from Timbo Grande, was ordained a priest on April 26, 2003. He carried out his ministry in Friburgo, Salto Veloso, the Cathedral, and in the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Cacador.

“His method of evangelization was friendship,” Diocesan Bishop Luiz Carlos Eccell said during the funeral celebrated in the Cathedral where the priest had worked and which was filled with sorrowful and grief-stricken faithful, because “Fr Evaldo was a dear son, because he made friends with everyone.”

Source: Fides

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