London: schools gear up for music festival

Martha's Rockers from St Martha's Convent School, Barnet

Martha's Rockers from St Martha's Convent School, Barnet

To celebrate 150 years of caring for children, the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) is holding a High School Music Festival for secondary school pupils and their families at the All Saints Pastoral Centre in London Colney on Sunday, 28 June.

Each secondary school in the Westminster Diocese has been invited to supply a choir, band, solo artiste or dance performance for the festival, led by Music Directors Giovanni Marseglia and Liz Simpson with Mgr Vladimir Felzmann acting as compere. Some of the schools taking part include St Martha's Convent School of Barnet, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School of Watford, St Edmunds College of Ware and St Paul's Secondary School of Sunbury on Thames. Families and children have been invited to bring a picnic, so the event will be a marvellous opportunity for families to spend time together at this open air festival.

The festival is not a competition-it is an opportunity to come together and share their talents and diversity from right across the diocese, as well as an event that will demonstrate our faith in the future and in our young people. The day will finish with Mass. All the participants and families will be welcome to take part. 

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