Drama highlights homelessness

 Catholic Housing Aid Society worker Susan Merl has written a new drama to highlight the plight of those who have nowhere to call home. 'Wherever You Go', based on the Old Testament book of Ruth, uses speech, mime, movement and music, in the story of Ruth and Naomi who search for somewhere to live and the response of a community to their arrival. Religious education co-ordinator Carmel Martin, of St John's Beaumont Preparatory School, praised this new drama. She said: "Often biblical adaptations are of more value as entertainment than as a teaching tool but Susan Merl has managed to come up with something that engages with children, is easy to use by teachers and remains faithful to the detail of the Old Testament story. I will continue to use 'Wherever You Go', and look forward to Susan's next inspired piece." Ideal for school or church groups, the play comes with a CD accompaniment, written, arranged and sung by Chris Sutton. It is available free from CHAS's website: www.chasnat.demon.co.uk/ruth.htm. CHAS is prompting the play in the Homelessness Sunday Partnership 2001 Resource Pack. Homelessness Sunday in January next year will be a day for churches of all denominations to join in worship to speak up for justice, and to commit themselves to action for change.

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