New campaign to help families talk

 A new resource pack: Stop. Listen. Talk. has just been launched by the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster) aimed at helping family members talk with each other. The pack includes Communication Tips for Families, compiled by family therapists and child psychotherapists from the society. Director Jim Richards said: "In this busy world, it is hard to find time for ourselves and for each other, and quite possible to live our lives alongside our nearest and dearest, but yet not know as much about them or their concerns as we think we do. "This may work for us until we encounter problems, but overcoming problems experienced by an individual within a family or by the whole family can be far more difficult when even the most basic communication has broken down." Jim Richards said: "With our long track record working with families in crisis, we can offer people - who may not otherwise come forward - the benefit of our experience in the area of family communication." Besides Communication Tips for Families, the pack includes fundraising ideas to bring families together with a common purpose - that of raising money for those families in need who approach the society for help each year. The society also points out that 'families' can comprise immediate and extended families or the family of the workplace/parish/leisure activity. For more information or for a copy of the pack, please contact Patricia Hatton at the Catholic Children's Society on e-mail: or visit their website through our links pages.

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