Cardinal urges young people to "swim against the tide"

 In his Easter sermon, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster, proclaimed the traditional Easter message of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Beginning with a critique of contemporary society he said: "we live in a world that dampens faith, and can quickly diminish the joy and newness of the Good News of Jesus Christ, a culture that seeks to sway you from the search for goodness." He appealed to young people in particular, recognising that: "in today's world it is not easy to believe and have faith". He challenged them to "swim against the tide of unbelief and follow Christ", and encouraged them to "open your hearts to receive God's unconditional love. It is with that love, which we call 'grace', that you are able to hear the voice of the Risen Christ... It is He, who has died, risen from the dead and now lives forever, that urges you to seek a new way of living, to put aside mediocrity and become real disciples - those called to live out a deep and enriching relationship with God, not just through your words but through the example of your daily lives." The Cardinal ended by calling the young to: "be courageous, and persevere in your growth in holiness and in your efforts to build a better and more human world where we try to live as true brothers and sisters." "You have each other," he said, "your friends, your communities - both small and large, your families, the Church." He was quick to remind them: "You are not alone! Christ is with you! By the power of His Holy Spirit living in you, you are able to say with the whole Church, which proclaims with joy and gladness - 'I believe that Christ has risen, and that Jesus is Lord!'"

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