Christian peace groups condemn American war plans

 Christian peace groups have expressed grave concern over President George Bush's recently expressed plan to target Iraq, and other countries next, in his 'war on terrorism'. In a statement, Christian CND said: "This is a thoroughly alarming development which Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament naturally opposes. We condemn any moves which would undermine existing treaties, risk the lives and health of ordinary civilians, unleash a new and dangerous arms race and possibly even a world war." Christian CND co-chair, the Rev David Platt said: "Violence is no solution to violence. Peace is the way as well as the end." A Pax Christi member told ICN: "We are totally opposed to any policy which makes nuclear use more likely and we condemn any moves which undermine existing treaty agreements." She said: "The end of the Cold War resulted in reduced international tension and relief from the nuclear stand off between the US and the Soviet Union but it did not lead to the elimination of nuclear weapons, nor an end to their threatened use. "Nuclear policy makers have adapted to the changed circumstances by crafting a new theory - an unstable world with 'rogue nations' aspiring to obtain weapons of mass destruction would necessitate constant vigilance and a preparedness to intervene militarily, with smaller, more usable nuclear weapons. "As Cold War adversaries with significant nuclear capability today, Russia and China would expect to have remained on the US nuclear hit list. But now Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria have all been designated as 'rogue states'. It is most worrying development. "We hope and pray that American policy makers have a change of heart and look to resolving problems through negotiation rather than violence." All peace organisations will be taking part in a national demonstration: Don't Start Wars organised by CND - in London on 30th March.

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