Rugby club shows respect for Good Friday

 A rugby club is delaying the kick-off of an important match this week, out of respect for the local Catholic community. Salford City Reds, were booked to start their Super League game in Warrington at 3pm on Good Friday - but they have decided to hold a few minutes' silence. Salford chief executive David Tarry said: "Three o'clock is the time that is traditionally accepted for the death of Jesus Christ, so between three and four on Good Friday must be the most important hour in the Catholic calendar. He said: "As a mark of respect we will kick off at five-past three. I think next year, if we are drawn at home on Good Friday, we will try and change it so we miss the three-to-four slot altogether. "Warrington is quite a Catholic city. There is a church right by to the ground, and the cathedral is not far away. It's the least we can do."

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