Christian programme wins accreditation

 A new and innovative 'Certificate in Applied Christian Studies' has broken new ground by becoming the first faith-based vocational training course ever to be accredited by the government's Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA). Developed by the Christian educational charity The Anvil Trust and co-sponsored by the Awarding Body Consortium (ABC), the qualification is unique in the way that it presents a fully integrated study of the Christian faith. The new certificate gives people the opportunity to study everything from biblical and church history to ethics and apologetics, spirituality, bible interpretation, Christian doctrine and practical church issues. It does so through a radical learning method that encourages debate, discussion, questioning and reflection, stimulated by provocative teaching. Including an applied and vocational focus in a way that is accessible to everyone, the 'Certificate' in Christian studies is the result of some twenty years experience of running the 'Workshop' programme. 'Workshop', which is also organised by the Anvil Trust, runs from six national centres and has had some 4,000 participants since its inception in 1983. It takes place over eleven weekends, once a month from September to July. Speaking about the news of the accreditation Noel Moules, the founder and Programme Coordinator of both Anvil Trust and the Workshop programme said, "The accreditation is a milestone for Christian education in the UK, and represents a very important breakthrough. The QCA oversees all Further Education training in the UK, and the fact that it has accepted an explicitly Christian programme should encourage Christians throughout the country." He continued; "The decision to award the accreditation may have a great deal to do with the course's content that blends the widest range of Christian tradition with radical contemporary faith values. It is open to anyone of any educational or denominational background and even to those struggling with faith itself. For anyone looking something to develop them and inspire faith in the midst of a busy lifestyle, this is the course for them". Anyone wishing to find out more about the 'Certificate in Applied Christian Studies' should telephone0114 2888816 or visit the website

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