Christians in largest-ever lobby of parliament

 Rock band Radiohead, TV comedian Rob Newman and many other big names will join more than 10,000 people from across the UK at the largest ever mass lobby of parliament tomorrow. They will line up to meet their MPs, forming a giant queue that is expected to stretch down Millbank, over Lambeth Bridge and along the south bank of the Thames. They are coming to meet their MPs and press for greater justice in global trade. The Lobby will send a clear message that British voters want the rules on international trade rewritten to favour the world's poorest communities and safeguard the environment. The lobby is organised by the Trade Justice Movement (TJM), a new grouping of 50 charities, aid agencies and campaigning groups, including CAFOD and Christian Aid, calling for fundamental changes in the rules and institutions governing international trade. Thom Yorke of Radiohead said: "A bunch of lunatic economic zealots waving stupid little flags with Free Trade written on it roaming the earth demanding the right to extort and exploit the poorest and weakest, demanding to buy the water and sell it back to them undrinkable and unaffordable, demanding to flood them with cheap imports, telling them they can maybe join our club if they do what we tell them but only if they're prepared to watch their children dying and keep taking the strong medicine and charge them extra if they wanna try selling us anything. That's what this is about as far as I'm concerned." Alison Marshall, Head of Campaigns at CAFOD said: "The Government talks confidently about how free and fair trade will combat poverty, but free trade isn't always fair - sometimes it pitches the weakest and most vulnerable against the strongest and most powerful. Under pressure from business, the Government is currently supporting trade liberalisation, regardless of the effects on the world's poorest people. This lobby will signal that thousands of people in the UK think this is immoral - and want to see fundamental change." The focal point of the lobby will take place at 3.30pm, when a 'Mexican Wave' of noise will pass along the queue of people waiting to meet their MPs. This will signal the beginning of the lobby, which will see MPs being taken in rickshaws to meet their constituents in the queue.

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