Bishops appoint director for new social action agency

 The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wales has appointment of Sarah Lindsell as Director of the new social action agency. Sarah was previously Director of the Catholic Agency for Social Concern (CASC). The new agency will take on a wider and more radical brief building on the excellent work of CASC and the Catholic Welfare Council but adopting a higher profile in targeting key social policy areas and promoting Catholic social action. Chair of the new agency, Terry Connor, said: "I am delighted that Sarah Lindsell has been appointed as Director of the new Agency. "As director of CASC she has already been instrumental in bringing together the different strands of social action and social care within the Catholic Church. "She has the sensitivity, skills and vision to develop the new agency into a radical force for social change in England and Wales." Speaking today about this new role Sarah Lindsell said: "I am delighted to have this opportunity to build on the excellent work of CASC, CCWC and the Bishops Conference. "I know the calibre of applicant for this post was extremely high and I welcome the confidence the trustees of the new agency have shown in me. "I am excited and inspired by the opportunity to take the new agency forward in its aim to provide Catholic social action." source: Catholic Media Service

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