London: St Paul's Cathedral hosts launch of spirituality centre

 St Paul's Cathedral has hosted the launch of a new centre focused on embracing and uniting spiritual diversity, CIIR's Sister Pamela Hussey writes. The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, launched the London Centre for Spirituality, at a thought-provoking service in St Paul's Cathedral on 25 September. Outlining his aims for the centre, based at the Church of St Edmund the King on Lombard Street in the City of London, the bishop said he hoped it would bring together thousands of people from within the church and beyond. The bishop and Eley McAinsh, producer of Radio 4's 'Something Understood', addressed the importance of uniting different approaches to spirituality that have been isolated from each other for a long time. Gerard Hughes, Jesuit author of 'God of Surprises', explained how the centre would emphasise that spirituality was not abstract and elusive, but something deeply involved in our everyday lives. The London Centre for Spirituality promises to offer a new and forward-thinking approach to training and spiritua development, focusing on relationships, justice and personal development. The London Centre for Spirituality's programme for 2003/2004 can be obtained from the director, Rev Andrew Walker, tel 020 7621 1391.

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