Archbishop Nichols: The Catholic Church and the BBC

 In a statement issued to the Catholic press this week, Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: I am looking forward to continuing the dialogue with the BBC which I began last autumn. I was encouraged by the response that I received from Mr Richard Sambrook, Director of BBC News, and the steps that were taken by the BBC to cover both the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Pope John Paul II and the Beatification of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It is clear that the BBC has taken serious note of the Statement issued by the Bishops of England and Wales in Rome on 17 October 2003 during our Ad Limina Visit. I believe that with further dialogue a new level of cooperation and understanding can be reached between the Catholic Church in England and Wales and the BBC. I am sure that there are positive initiatives that the Catholic Church can take with the BBC during this year. The Archbishop of Birmingham added: Cleary these matters do not relate directly to those being dealt with by Lord Hutton although I await the Hutton Report with interest. As an archbishop I have some understanding of the difficulties facing the BBC Governors at this sensitive time when clarity of roles and transparency of action are so consistently expected. Source: Archdiocese of Birmingham

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