London: preacher to give sermon outside Royal Exchange

 A coalition of churches and Christian agencies is reviving the historic practice of public sermons in the City of London, to raise awareness about global economic justice in the run-up to May Day. Rev Dr Leslie Griffiths, minister at Wesley's Chapel and former president of the Methodist Conference, will be preaching on the steps of the Royal Exchange at 1pm on Friday 30 April as part of a day of events organised by the JustShare coalition, of which CIIR is a member. The sermon's theme, based on the biblical text inscribed over the Royal Exchange, will be: 'The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof: can we get a just share for all?' Dr Griffiths said: "The Royal Exchange is a place where commodities and services were bought and sold. I will want to commend the open floor trading that the Royal Exchange symbolises and argue that it's precisely the model we are advocating, only on a global scale." He added: "Let people have full and fair opportunity to trade their goods with others and take their part in the economic life of our world. I will suggest that this is the fulfilment of the biblical dream, which sees all kinds of bedfellows working together within God's kingdom of peace and justice.' Dr Griffith's talk follows the example of past church leaders and bishops who used to preach in the open air in the City on political and economic issues, according to Dr Andrew Bradstock of the United Reformed Church, a member of JustShare." Other events on the day include fair trade stalls at St Mary-le-Bow church on Cheapside and other City churches from 11.30am to 2pm, and an open forum of discussion from 2pm to 4pm on the theme 'How can we get a just share for all?' which will also take place at St Mary-le-Bow. Speakers at the forum will include Christine Allen, executive director of the Catholic Institute for International Relations; Rev Dr Leslie Griffiths; Nubia Goncalves Massena from leading Brazilian non-governmental organisation Ibase; Bishop Bernardino Mandlate; and Daleep Mukarji, director of relief and development agency Christian Aid. JustShare is a coalition of churches and Christian-based agencies committed to raising awareness around the issues of poverty and inequality and pressing for practical change for the world's poor. For more information visit: and Source: CIIR

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