Scotland: ancient Christian graves discovered

 Archaeologists are studying finds from a 1,500 year-old Christian burial ground, discovered in the north east of Scotland. The site was initially found by quarry workers in a sand and gravel pit at Auchterforfar, near Forfar, north of Dundee. Historic Scotland excavated the scene and have now removed a number of remains from the stone-lined graves for examination. The skeletons of 17 people, including two children, were taken from the site. Archaeologist Richard Heawood, said: "Workers at the quarry found the bone in the first instance, then contacted us. The excavation indicates that this was an early Christian long cist cemetery, dating to approximately the 5th to 9th centuries AD." Experts are analysing the discovery in an effort to find out more about the dawn of Christianity in Scotland. Historic Scotland will publish a full report on the site once investigations are complete.

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