Campaigners protest at tube ads for morning-after pill

 The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is calling upon its supporters to oppose the new high-profile advertising campaign by Schering promoting the morning-after pill. The adverts depict the pills as a useful cosmetic or medication for a minor ailment such as indigestion or a headache. Some of the posters have been placed alongside ads for vitamin supplements to be taken during pregnancy. In a statement SPUC says "the advertising campaign misleads the public about the way in which the morning-after pill works, is blasphemous, and insults Catholics." Anthony Ozimic, SPUC spokesman, said: "SPUC calls upon Christian leaders to speak out in defence of human life." Supporters of all faiths and none may want to take action on this matter. SPUC has therefore prepared two action alerts - one which is appropriate for Catholics and another which is appropriate for pro-life people of all faiths and none. To access the alerts see:

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