Mass parade to call for trade justice

 Thousands of people are converging on central London tomorrow, to call for global trade rules that put people and the environment before profit. The Trade Justice Parade, Organised by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children, War on Want with several other aid agencies, will illustrate concerns about unfair trade rules with floats, giant puppets, samba bands and drummers, giving a carnival feel. The finale in Trafalgar Square will feature speakers Naomi Klein (author of No Logo), Sergio Cobo, (a Mexican NGO working with small farmers and indigenous people) and Ed Sweeney (UNIFI General Secretary and Chair of TUC International Development Group). A massive banner calling for trade that works for the whole world will be unfurled. The Parade takes place as world governments prepare to travel to Doha, Qatar for World Trade Organisation talks. Marlene Barrett, spokesperson for the Trade Justice Movement, said: "World trade is governed by rich countries that protect their own interests at the expense of the world's poor. We hope the Trade Justice Parade sends a clear message to Britain's Trade Minister Patricia Hewitt that British people want to see a trade system that benefits the whole world. Fairer and greener trade rules can help make the world a safer place." Naomi Klein said: "The challenge for social justice movements is to connect economic inequality with the security concerns that now grip us all - insisting that justice and equality are the most sustainable strategies against violence and fundamentalism." Sergio Cobo said: "People who live in rich countries count for only 20 per cent of the world's population, yet they get most of the fruits from globalisation. The world's poor, who count for 80 per cent, receive nothing. Is this really the type of globalisation we want? Let's globalise the struggle; let's globalise hope. We want to make trade work for all." Ed Sweeney said: "The WTO cannot carry on business as usual without undermining fundamental human rights. This parade and the Global Unions Day of Action on the 9th give expression to the widely held view that international trade must benefit all and not just a few. The Doha meeting presents governments with an opportunity to demonstrate the will to construct an international trading system that puts people first, an opportunity not to be squandered." The Parade leaves from Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, outside the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1 at 1.30pm and proceeds to Trafalgar Square where speeches begin at 3pm. For further information visit:

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