Conference to explore how Church can be more 'intelligent'

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, will join internationally renowned Christian leaders in addressing the subject of how the Churches in Britain can become more 'intelligent' in the way that it relates to society and engages with local communities. The Archbishop is set to address delegates at the 2005 Faithworks Conference, which takes place in Eastbourne this coming weekend of November 4-6. Speakers at the conference include Dr Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis, Rev Steve Chalke and Rev Joel Edwards, amongst others. Cardinal Cormac said: "The 2005 Faithworks Conference is a significant opportunity for the Church to reflect on its engagement with society, to become more obviously what its Master demands of us as servants of humanity." The weekend-long event will explore how Christians from across the denominational spectrum can positively impact their local community and society as a whole. It will provide church leaders, community activists and everyday Christians with input on topics such as 'how to live out your faith without imposing it', 'focusing your church outwards', 'working with local Government' and 'how to be an effective leader'. For more information visit:

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