Christians warn against nuclear solution to climate change

 As Prime Minister Tony Blair prepares this week to announce a review of energy policy, Christian environmentalists have expressed concern at the prospect of nuclear power being promoted as the solution to climate change. Tim Cooper, Chairman of Christian Ecology Link, said: "The Government has invited greater dialogue with representatives of faith communities in order to improve consultation on public policy. We hope to ensure that it recognise the theological and ethical dimension to the energy debate." He announced that Christian Ecology Link will shortly be producing a report on energy strategy from a faith perspective that will be submitted to the Government. He said that the non-nuclear alternative was liable to be dismissed because the Government was afraid to respond to the over-consumption of energy in affluent nations. Tim went on to say: "Climate change must be addressed urgently, but without recourse to a revival of a nuclear energy programme. Renewable energy and less wasteful energy consumption can bring about the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and ensure an energy abundant and peaceful world for us in the long term. The nuclear industry has been lobbying hard within the church over the past year. We have listened to their arguments but from a Christian perspective the case for nuclear energy is severely flawed." Source: CEL

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