Cardiff: celebration of key figure in Welsh Christianity

 A key figure in bringing Christianity to Wales is being discussed at an international conference at Cardiff University starting today. Saint Jerome, who lived between 347 and 420AD, was an instrumental figure in spreading Christianity through his translation of the bible and influential role in the late Roman church. His struggles with popes and his elegant writings made him an iconic figure in Celtic Christianity. Two paintings of him hang in the National Gallery in Cardiff. Cardiff University is hosting 60 world experts from more than 10 countries including the USA and Japan for a conference on Jerome from July 13-16. The Conference, held by the University's Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture, will consider Jerome's legacy on everything from biblical studies to modern art, literature and cinema. Conference organiser Dr Josef Lossl of the University's School of Religious and Theological Studies said: "This is the largest conference on Jerome ever held in the UK. We are hoping to raise awareness and improve understanding of one the most significant figures in the history of Welsh Christianity." Source: Cardiff University

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