Preparing for Peace Sunday

 Peace Sunday 2007 will be celebrated on Sunday, 14 January. The theme for the Holy Father's 2007 Peace Day message is: ' The Human Person - The Heart of Peace.' We are reminded that each person is of value and it is the job of us all to ensure that the dignity of the person is protected. Sadly today, violence and warfare undermine human dignity. As well as causing great physical damage they leave a legacy of fear, hatred and sometimes revenge. Each year, Pax Christi, the international Catholic movement for peace, provides resources to help parishes mark the day. These can be adapted for local use. Put the date in your diary now. Materials will be sent to every parish in the country by the end of November. These resources will also be available on the Peace Sunday page of the Pax Christi website at: For more information contact Pax Christi 020 8203 4884 email:

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