Spiritual remedies to help beat those January blues

 Today has been designated as the 'Don't Worry be Happy Day', by the Catholic Enquiry Office. As January has officially been described by psychologists as the time in which we are more likely to feel depressed - the CES has brought out a new on-line resource to help combat those gloomy feelings. The site offers tips on how to overcome worry, self-help exercises, a meditation, articles, books, a free 'time out' tea bag for every online visitor, a competition to win the best-selling book, Finding Sanctuary. There is also a chance to win a session with a 'spiritual life' coach. Two winners will be given a chance to talk through their spiritual journey, with either Abbot Christopher of BBC 2's The Monastery fame or Sister Gabriel Davison who featured in The Convent on BBC 2. Clare Ward, one of the resource creators, said: "It is so liberating to be able to talk to someone openly and freely about those things deepest in your spiritual self; your hopes, beliefs and experiences. 'Spiritual life' coaching, also known as spiritual direction, has long been offered by the Catholic Church and it's something that many find to be deeply rewarding, freeing and life-changing." People of all faiths and none are invited to enter the prize draw at www.life4seekers.co.uk. DWBH is being run by the Catholic Enquiry Office (CEO); which is part of an Agency of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Director, Mgr Keith Barltrop, said, "Many people don't necessarily feel 100% during these long winter days. Our hope is to offer some light in the darkness. On 22 January, take time out and spoil yourself; take advantage of some of the free resources being offered. Christianity is about the fullness of life. That is what the Catholic Church offers and the ultimate and lasting source of life is found in the person of Jesus Christ." If you would like to receive a free information pack about Catholic life and beliefs and/or information or simply have questions to ask, please call: 020 8458 3316 or e-mail: enquiries@life4seekers.co.uk Source: CEO

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