Postcard from snowy Wales

 The Poor Clare Colettine Community in Ty Mam Duw send this message on Saturday. Praised be Jesus Christ Dear friends Here in Wales it has been snowing! We felt beautifully cut off from the rest of the world as the snow descended over the Dee valley - and the valley, up to and including the nearest electrical pylon, vanished in a sheet of white. We cleared the front drive in preparation for the Saint Colette celebration. But we did not exactly expect anyone. We ran out of service sheets a full 20 minutes before we were due to start and still people kept coming. It just goes to show that Saint Colette stands above the weather of the British Isles, and we are people of little faith! The race to duplicate extra copies and distribute them, meant that half the sisters were out of choir when the Mass started and, as we all have fine germ laden colds, the musical start off was thin! But God did his own thing in His usual way and it was a great occasion of grace, full of beautifully quiet babies. A loving welcome to the many people we had not had the privilege of meeting before Change of plan. We are truly sorry for the disappointment but, with the press of obligations, we are cancelling the Lent Guided Franciscan Prayer Day we were intending to hold on 6th March. We look forward to welcoming the various other groups due during Lent and, please God, we will make it up with a Franciscan Prayer Day sometime around the feast of Saint Francis. From you loving little sisters surrounded by snowmen in darkest Wales. For more information see:

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