Bishops' Conference statement on Archbishop Pius Ncube

 Bishop Crispian Hollis, Chairman of the Department for International Affairs of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales issued the following statement yesterday. I heard the news of Archbishop Pius Ncube's resignation from the diocese of Bulawayo with enormous sadness. For many years, he has been outstandingly brave in the way that he has confronted the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. No one could have done more to highlight the plight of that country's suffering people and I can only stand in admiration of his courage and in gratitude to him for all that he has achieved. It is good to know that, far from being silenced, he will continue to campaign vigorously and courageously for justice for the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. I am certain that Archbishop Pius' many friends and supporters throughout Africa and in the wider world will continue to hold him in their prayers. Source: CCN

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