UK-wide meetings to discuss Embryology Bill

 On January 15th and January 21st the House of Lords will complete the Report Stage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill and a few days later it will receive its Third Reading. The Bill will then go to the Commons and now is the time to start lobbying MPs about how they intend to vote on the key questions: The creation of animal human hybrid embryos; The manufacture of babies to be used for their "spare part organs; The removal of "the need for a father from law and birth certificates; The creation of a National Bio-Ethics Commission to regulate the bio-tec industry. Attempts may also be made in the Commons to extend the Abortion laws by Extending the Act to Northern Ireland; Removing the need for two doctors to sign abortion authorisations; Forcing midwives and nurses to undertake abortions; Over the next few weeks there will be a series of public meetings which will be addressed by MPs such as Ann Widdecombe, Clare Curtis-Thomas, Geraldine Smith and Jim Dobbin. Organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group these meetings are supported by LIFE, Right To Life, CARE, Evangelical Alliance and the Catholic Bishops. These meetings will take place in: * Glasgow: The University Union, 2 University Avenue :- Wednesday 23rd January, 7.30pm * Southampton: Turner Sims Concert Hall, University of Southampton:- Wednesday 30th January, 7.30pm * Belfast: - The Spires Centre, Belfast, Thursday 31st January, 7.30pm * London: Central Hall Westminster, SW1:- Wednesday 6th February, 7pm * Liverpool: The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street:- Tuesday12th February, 7.30pm * Coventry: Coventry Cathedral:- Wednesday 13th February,7.30pm * Widnes: The Foundry, Lugsdale Road:- Monday 18th February,7.30pm * Cardiff: The City Temple, Cowbridge Road East:- Tuesday 4th March, 7.30pm For further information tel: 01925 220999 or 0203 1760032 or email: or Source: Office of Lord Alton

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