London: campaigners plan three days of protest for Zimbabwe

Exiled Zimbabweans, with human rights, church and justice and peace groups, are planning three days of demonstrations outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London to protest at the rigging of the Zimbabwe elections. Today, from 10am - 4pm. MDC UK is gathering outside the Embassy in protest over Mugabe's undemocratic clinging to power. For more information contact: Jaison Matewu 07816 619 788, Owen Mtombeni 07780 544 181. Tomorrow, (Friday) from 12.30 - 2 pm. Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) will be marking Zimbabwe's Independence Day with vigil outside the Embassy. On Saturday, 19th April, from 2 - 6 pm. The Vigil will be protesting about the planned recounting of Parliamentary and Presidential votes by Zanu PF. The group will be relaunching a petition calling on EU governments to suspend aid to SADC countries and instead finance the starving in Zimbabwe. The Vigil's musicians will be taking centre stage. Lucky Moyo of Black Umfolozi fame has made a special request to Zimbabwean musicians in the UK to come to the Vigil and speak out on the situation in Zimbabwe. He said: "as much as we may want to be apolitical we are social commentators. We must play a part by reflecting in song what pathways our society has taken over the last 28 years". His call has been echoed by Willard Karanga, formerly of Thomas Mapfumo's band, who is also going to take part. For more information see:

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