Vatican announces new missal

 The new Roman missal has now been completed. The Vatican press office announced today that the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments will be publishing the updated Latin Roman Missal this autumn. The differences between the present Missal, published in 1970, and the new one, is the addition of several saints' feasts, as well as the addition of new seasonal prayers, particularly during Lent. The 'Institutio Generalis', or introductory text, which gives precise instructions on how the Mass should be celebrated, has also been modified. This text offers detailed theological-pastoral instruction on the celebration of Mass, and specifies the various types of celebration. The statement points out that, in accordance with the Holy See, the bishops enjoy a degree of liberty for cultural adaptation to the customs and circumstances of a given place - for example, hymns and the rite of peace before communion can vary according to people's traditions. The new edition has an additional chapter on inculturation. There are also changes concerning communion under both species. The statement says that some forms described in the 1970 Missal have been simplified, because they are no longer applicable in several countries of the world. The new Missal's text has been sent to bishops' conferences and nuncios around the world to inform them of the changes and have them prepare translations. Once approved by the bishops, the translations will sent to the Holy See for final examination.

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