Brazilian Indians to sue government for brutality

 A group of Indian tribal leaders are suing the Brazilian government for the violent treatment they say their people suffered at the hands of police during the country's 500th anniversary celebrations. Katia Vasco, from the Indigenous Missionary Council, a Catholic support group, said 25 leaders representing 40 tribes and their supporters have submitted a compensation claim for 6.1 billion reals (more than 2 billion pounds) to the prosecutor's office. The group reached this figure by multiplying the number of protesters by the amount spent on security for President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The Indians say police used clubs, rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful demonstrators in Porto Seguro, 480 kilometres north-east of Rio. One hundred and forty one protesters, including 30 missionaries, were arrested during the demonstration. At least 15 people, most of them Indians, were injured. There has already been a huge public outcry in Brazil over the violence. Much of it was filmed by national television and seen live by millions of viewers all over the country.

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