Letter from Jubilee 2000

 Dear Friends The G8 have failed. The G8 leaders left Okinawa without agreeing a new deal on debt cancellation. Their final communique merely recycled the promises of a year ago, which have already been broken. The debt crisis is an emergency that cannot wait for the inaction of eight men. The G8 squandered this opportunity in spite of their awareness of massive international consensus that a new deal on debt cancellation is urgent and vital. Jubilee 2000 will go over the heads of the G8 to the IMF/World Bank meetings in Prague in September and exert massive pressure on them directly to release their stranglehold on debt cancellation. If you have not already done so, please send a message to the G8 leaders that you are angry and disappointed at their failure to deliver a new deal on debt at Okinawa. You can find a list of fax and email addresses of G8 embassies around the globe on www.dropthedebt.org/summit.php3. Then we need your help to start organising for the IMF and World Bank meetings. Jubilee 2000 Czech Republic is organising a demonstration for debt cancellation on Sunday 24 September in Prague as well as joining with other organisations in a range of activities during this week. We need as many people as possible to come. This will be the last major action focus for the millennium year, and the opportunity to channel our anger at the G8's failure into concrete action for progress in the final months of the year. The demonstrations in Prague are part of a week of worldwide action on the World Bank and IMF so will be echoed by parallel demonstrations outside finance ministries and World Bank/IMF offices around the globe. To find out what is taking place in your country and to get involved contact your local Jubilee 2000 campaign find them on www.jubilee2000uk.org/links.html. There has been some press speculation about the plans for demonstrations in Prague. Jubilee 2000 has stressed that, whilst we will be strongly protesting the World Bank and IMF's failure to cancel debt, all our events will be 'as always' completely peaceful and non-violent. We will be working with Czech organisations and the Czech authorities, including the police, in planning our activities and presence in Prague. We look forward to seeing you in Prague! With best wishes Marlene Barrett, head of campaigns, Jubilee 2000 UK

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